Battle of the Zombie Anthologies

Short stories about zombies/survivors get right to the point, they don’t dally (if it’s written well) and the writer has fewer chances to screw things up. The Living Dead anthology (1 & 2) are both excellent, and editor John Joseph Adams manages to do what some other anthology editors don’t do: he infuses his anthology with tons of stories written […]

The Reapers are the Angels-Alden Bell [spoilers]

The Reapers Are the Angels: A Novel is a new book on the zombie apocalypse horizon. Like Carrie Ryan’s series, it’s based some years after the undead have eaten most of the rest of humanity. In The Reapers, it’s twenty-years after. There are survivors. One of them is a young woman who calls herself Temple […]

Mummies, Zombies, Ghosts & Romance (ohmy!)

 Three book reviews here, in no particular order. All of them incorporate romance and the supernatural and/or modern scientific monsters. Immortal by Gillian Shields- This is a YA supernatural romance in the gothic tradition. Evie Johnson’s mother is dead, her grandmother is in a nursing home, and she’s been handed over to a boarding school because […]

Salt- a short movie review


Salt stars Angelina Jolie. I hardly knew what this film was about until a few days ago! But I am glad I found out about it. Some of you might remember my review of The Long Kiss Goodnight, which starred Geena Davis as a kick-butt assassin who finds her inner maternal side without sacrificing her […]

Despicable Me(ovie)

One of the more popular movies out right now (it’s the summer of 2010, July) is Despicable Me. Spoilers coming up in the article and no doubtedly in the comments (if there are any). So, you have your warning. Despicable Me is about a Villian in an alternate CGI world. Unfortunately, he’s being one-upped by […]

The Stars Blue Yonder – Sandra McDonald

The Stars Blue Yonder by Sandra McDonald is the third in a series of books beginning with The Outback Stars. The series is a space opera featuring military politics, True Obsessive Love, evil reptilian Roon, and Australian aboriginal gods who pick their Chosen when they enter spherical teleportation portals. The book’s dust jacket description says it better than […]

The Affinity Bridge by George Mann

Subtitled: A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation If you adore the New Dr. Who series, this is the book for you. It’s NOT Dr. Who, but it has many similarities. I’ve no idea who came up with what ideas first (or if that really matters), but you have your British Indiana Jones-type investigator for the Queen, […]