Enchanted, Inc series by Shanna Swendson

C’mon-admit. Everyone likes a break now and then from those hot-and-heavy, sex-laden, deadly-serious Urban Fantasy books, right? Here’s your perfect relax on the beach or escape the office series. Erroneously labeled as chick lit when it was marketed, this series features Katie Chandler, a small town Texan transplant to the Big City of New York. […]

Open Thread: Night at the Museum: Battle for the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum 2–Second attempt at writing this review. I thought it was funny, but I didn’t like it much. The main change in this sequel is there’s a female costar. Amy Adams plays an effervescent Amelia Earhart. I won’t quibble too much with the immense difference between this adventurous, bubbly character who doesn’t […]

The Gate of Ivory–Doris Egan

Gate of Ivory opens up on the only known world in the galaxy that has magic. Science can’t explain it, and there’s no reason for it.  It Just Is. Super rational anthropology student Theadora from Pyrene is stranded on Ivory, earning money telling fortunes with her deck of cards. Thea is a gem.  She’s pragmatic. […]

The Dead Girls’ Dance- by Rachel Caine

The Dead Girls’ Dance (Morganville Vampires, Book 2) in the Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine…wow. It’s marketed as a young adult book.  Amazon even suggests it for 9-12 year olds! I’ve read some of Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden books so I knew that Caine knows how to deliver the plot-goods. And in this book? […]

Books: lost boy, lost girl & In The Nightroom by Peter Straub

Peter Straub is an intellectual horror writer. He writes stories that are multilayered with meta, self-referential within and between themselves, and take the reader for a real ride into the deep psychology of his characters. However, I wouldn’t say love his books, but I do like his complex intellectualized horror writing…with the caveat being, the […]

Zombies, Apocalypses and Plagues, oh my! round-up

Not only Zombie apocalypses, but ye plain olde apocalypses! Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve been reading: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan– Ryan‘s first novel, classed as YA, takes place in a future in which surviving humans don’t believe the stories they’ve heard of their past, before zombies (the unconsecrated) […]

Spiral Hunt–Margaret Ronald

Spiral Hunt (Evie Scelan) is a brand new 2009 entry into the urban fantasy field. Even the cover is different from the usual leather clad, weapon-totin’, tattooed monster fighting chick on just about every other cover I see on the book shelves. Score one. See? See? It’s an Irish green, framing Boston on the top of […]