What is Urban Fantasy?

Urban Fantasy…what does it conjure up for you? The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher? Rachel Morgan by Kim Harrison? The Weather Warden by Rachel Caine? The Onion Girl by Charles De Lint? The Leandros Brothers by Rob Thurman? Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs? Personal Demons by Stacia Kane? Happy Hour of the Damned by Mark […]

As The World Dies — Rhiannon Frater

As The World Dies: The First Days (part one in a zombie trilogy) I’m an apocalypse junkie. I adore the genre. It doesn’t matter what the cause is—nuclear war and winter, plague, engineered viruses, whatever (okay, I do draw the line at Left Behind) –I enjoy how everyone survives or not in a damaged or […]

He That Hath Wings–Edmond Hamilton

Back in 1978, Ballantine Books released a collection of short stories and novellas called Best of Edmond Hamilton. Most of the stories were from his planet-busting hey-day, full of Flash Gordonesque adventures with planets moving from their orbits, scientists discovering accelerated evolution (a real classic) BUT, what sparked my imagination was the cover: it featured […]

Review– Coraline (the movie)

Coraline is 140 minutes of brilliance. SPOILERS a-hoy! Do not read further if you do not want to be spoiled! You have been WARNED! Assuming you haven’t read the book, know that the movie is faithful to the feel, spirit and mood of Neil Gaiman’s novella. Aside from the masterful animation and color palate and […]

Diane Duane – So You Want To Be A Wizard

How did I not know about this series? I’ll answer my own question: the first book in Diane Duane’s series came out in 1983, the year I graduated from High School (you do the math, k?), and my mind was not on YA books at the time. What did I find when I cracked open […]

Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”

There’s a hit song on the radio by Avril Lavigne called “Girlfriend”. Each time it came on, I listened more closely, past the catchy hook in the song, to what the lyrics were saying, and was appalled. The matter of this song came to a head when my ten year old daughter asked if she […]

The Long Kiss Goodnight

starring Geena Davis, Samuel Jackson, Craig Bierko, Brian Cox, Yvonne Zima I love this movie. I know it got a bashing by the critics when it came out, and dissed completely; but I still love it. I also like movies like The Phantom, or The Shadow – Saturday morning serials made completely for the fun […]