Virginity and the Male Superhero

I’ve been watching season three of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.  The last episode I watched Clark came clean to his new fiancée, Lois, that he’s been saving himself for the right woman.  Which, as it so happens, is Lois. Lois freaks.   She certainly didn’t save herself for him.     […]

Fishing with Meg

Earlier this week on As the World Turns, a scene between Meg Snyder and Paul Ryan made me smile. Meg and Paul went out on a picnic date out on a lake. Paul surprised her with a fishing pole, recalling hearing that the lake was one of her favorite spots growing up. Just one fishing […]

The Estrogen Made Me Do It

Just got home from watching John Tucker Must Die.   (Warning: Spoilers present.)   Basic premise – popular jock cheats on a whole bunch of girls.   Whole bunch of girls want revenge.   An amusing plot, certainly, but with one anecdote I was not at all pleased with. During a basketball game, one of […]

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Kitty Scorned

By the end of watching Batman Returns I had a split view of how I felt about the movie’s portrayal of Selina Kyle (a.k.a. – Catwoman). On the one hand, this shy, introverted woman transforms into a strong, sassy kitten who won’t back down from what she wants.  She fights Batman hand-to-hand, is proven to […]

Easy Mode Is For Girls

I’ve been dabbling with the original Resident Evil Playstation game. You get to choose between two characters and there are three modes you can select from (easy, normal, hard). Starting out with Jill Valentine, I didn’t notice anything to raise an eyebrow at with the game when it came to the sexes. I mean, the […]

Aeon Flux, Sans the Snark.

After finishing the ten-episode stint of Aeon Flux’s animated cartoon, the biggest thing I noted was how the most loved part of Aeon’s personality was drowned out on the Hollywood screen.     Her snark.   Her arrogant, casual, sassy persona was suddenly soggy once the animation turned to real life cameras.     The […]

Poker: Woman’s Dabble, Man’s World

1The World Poker Tour is well known for showing the best of the best at the final table – no matter the gender. But those representing a piece of their image has an entirely different view. In Idaho, there is an organization called Win a Free Seat, Inc. Different pubs, bars, and restaurants become sponsors […]