Obnoxious, Yet Refreshing

I watched the movie Who’s That Girl? over the weekend.   It’s been a couple years, but the film has always left warm fuzzies.   Partly, I think this is due to the refreshing main female character – Nikki.   Sure, she’s loud-mouthed, obnoxious, a liar, destructive, manipulative, and all sorts of other things.   […]

Back to the Basics

I’ve been re-reading the Mode series by Piers Anthony and I came upon an interesting stereotype I had to mention.   In Fractal Mode, the group of main characters come to a foreign land where men dominate through strong magic that none of the women possess.   They keep their reign through brute force, bullying, […]

Chick Fight!

Warning: Spoilers abound. After watching X-Men: The Last Stand and Aeon Flux in the same weekend, I’ve come to an observation that has been touched on before with a couple of my friends, but it became very clear after seeing these films. That would be Hollywood’s obsession with badass chicks only getting to have a […]

A Romance or a Reiteration of Women’s Role?

I get in these moods every so often for a good smut book.   You know, otherwise known as a romance novel.   I’m rather picky when it comes to my selections, but I thought I had found the perfect book when I saw the cover of a woman dressed in knight’s mail.  I mean, […]

Love and the City

I finished the first season of Sex and the City at a friend’s house tonight and came home with one thought – What’s up with the love thing? Now, granted, this show is mainly about sex instead of love, but in every situation the “˜L’ word came up, it was always the woman who was […]

The Princess and the Tomboy – A Media Fixation?

I started thinking back to the old shows after a discussion of an 80s classic, and I came to an interesting realization. The media seems to be obsessed with the contrasting peer characters of that of a “princess” (one who always has to look pretty, often snobby, and usually thinks mostly of boys) and a […]