Azeroth – Males Still Aren’t Pretty.

While making alts (alternative characters) on World of Warcraft (WoW) with my male roommate, an interesting thing was said that made me pause for a second. We were going to make Night Elves. When we entered the game and tried to look for each other, I found that he had decided to make a female […]

A Lois I Can Get Behind

The character of Lois Lane in practically every movie or TV show has irritated the hell out of me. Teri Hatcher’s Lois from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman is the one exception. (Second season just came out on DVD) Searching around for a female character depicted in the media in a well-rounded, […]

Women hard-asses are “bitches”… until you find the chewy soft center underneath.

I’m currently watching season one of La Femme Nikita with one of my friends. (My first time through.) Madeline’s been my favorite female character since the first episode. She’s cold, unwavering, calm, collected, and all sorts of other stuff. But one thing she’s not is soft. Then I watched episode 14, “Gambit”. UGH. The episode […]

Well, at least she’s not pregnant and barefoot…

As the World Turns’ Carly Snyder is the show’s favorite schemer, but when it comes to using her talents for good, the poor girl just can’t get a break from her kids. With three children at home and two unemployed parents, you’d think any way to get income would become top priority. Guess not. I […]