I am Jack’s Vagina: Marla Singer of Fight Club

I wrote a while back that the film Fight Club said quite a lot about gender, despite having only one female character. Today I’m going to write about that female character: Marla Singer. First, I need to note that in researching some critical takes on this movie, I discovered to my shock that it’s regarded […]

The Problem with Unresolved Sexual Tension

I originally posted a version of this article in a Stargate forum under the title “Why Ship Always Sinks”. It’s of general interest, though, and pertinent to recent discussions asking why anytime we see a man and woman on screen, we’re forced to wonder when they’re going to boink. First, let me define the lingo: […]

Women as Buddies – rarer on film than it is in real life

Another issue that arose in the comments on Do Audience Want Female Leads? was: why are there so few roles in which women are “buddies”? Ankh said: I’m a big fan of buddy movies… I thoroughly enjoyed A Knight’s Tale mainly because of the friendships and I was pleased as punch to see a woman […]

Maybe guys want to be super women

I was watching an episode of Stargate SG-1 over the weekend – one back when Sam was still self-sufficient instead of a walking bag of neediness. In my head, I was contrasting it with how she becomes later, constantly needing someone to prop her up and hold her while she sobs. And I was also […]

Carrying a Torch for an Unattainable Man

I’ve always believed that any type of character is a valid character. There are people who go out of their way to be shallow, or weak, or to conform with stereotypes, and they should be represented right along with the deep, the strong and the unique. It takes all types to make a world, and […]

Women Identifying with Lead Males

From comments to the post “Do Audiences Want Female Leads?”, some very interesting issues have come up, and I’m going to post in more detail about a couple of them over the next few days. The first is from Revena’s comment: Our culture is constructed with a “male lense” of perception, meaning that even women […]