Do Audiences Want Female Leads?

Ten years ago, I had a debate with a friend who worked in the film industry. I was complaining that we still didn’t have female leads in film, even though it looked like TV was starting to warm up slightly, with shows like Xena and Buffy that absolutely depended on female leads, and the X-Files […]

“Baby, if you ever wondered…” WKRP: Mrs. Carlson

Welcome to the final installation in my WKRP series, which started with Jennifer Marlowe and continued with Bailey Quarters: Mrs. Carlson, played by Carol Bruce. Mrs. Carlson owed a conglomerate of companies, of which WKRP was only a floundering part. She was ruthless and tyrannical. Almost everyone was afraid of her – even those who […]

“Baby, if you ever wondered…” WKRP: Bailey Quarters

Yesterday I wrote about Jennifer Marlowe (Loni Anderson) from WKRP, the woman who used charm and beauty to get what she wanted. Today I’m continuing with Bailey Quarters, the woman who uses her brains. Bailey had a well-earned degree in journalism, and she was stuck working for a complete fool (Les Nessman, played by Richard […]

Misogyny disguised as Grrl Power?

When filmmakers put together a woman who seems realistic on the surface, but careful probing reveals all the same old stereotypes and perpetuated myths, is it a sinister plot to show women badly, or are the filmmakers just that confused about writing for women? Revena gave an excellent analysis of G.I. Jane, in which she […]