Are we jealous?

This was originally posted by Nialla at a Stargate forum, and I’m reposting it here with her permission. I’ve edited some Stargate-specific bits from it, because it’s very relevant to the issue of how females are portrayed in sci-fi, generally. In another forum (general Sci Fi, not SG only) a few months back, I complained […]

Sam Carter’s Breasts

Stargate SG-1 fans have a few complaints about the presentation of Samantha Carter in later episodes. Some of the issues are nebulous – for example, is her love/lust/crush for her commanding officer demeaning to women, or realistic for a woman competing in a man’s world? Is the way she treated her boyfriend/fiance in the last […]

Confessions of a Fiction Writer

When I issue a challenge, I make sure I’m prepared to meet it myself. The challenge this blog presents is: write quality women characters already. It’s not that difficult. And here’s my confession: I do find it somewhat difficult. I’m female. I’m a writer. I believe that when you get right down to it, there […]

Joanna Lumley – Role after Role

One of the less common answers to the question, “Who’s your favorite actress?” is probably “Joanna Lumley.” In fact, in the U.S., the follow-up question is likely to be, “Who?” She’s one of those actresses you know you’ve seen in something. She impressed me when I first saw her as Patsy Stone in the British […]

Delta Burke

I started to put this under “Women in Comedy”, because originally it was going to be about how Delta Burke left Designing Women. But once I did some research, I realized it wasn’t really a portrayal issue – it was a behind-the-scenes issue, and there’s a lot more to this woman than TV. Delta Burke […]

Sam Carter, Stargate SG-1

Not sure where to start on this character, and she may later have a full section of her own. Unlike a lot of others, she’s an ongoing controversy, as she’s on a currently airing show. I should probably start with the general weakening of her character over the past few seasons, but it’s such an […]