Single issue commenting vs. our mission

Moderating comments on this site has always been a special hell. When you talk about complex concepts that most people mistakenly think are quite simple, you get a lot of comments that are not badly intended, but don’t foster the sort of nuanced discussion we need to have here. Therefore, I’m changing my moderation strategy […]

Judge’s ruling against Woody Allen for custody

Recently, I stated that what I would most like to see come from this Woody Allen controversy is simply that there is no exonerating trait that precludes a person from being a child molester. And for that matter, no trait that precludes Dylan from having told a truthful and accurate account of events. What conclusions […]

It’s not about believing Dylan Farrow

Dylan Farrow has shared her very personal account of being sexually assaulted by Woody Allen, her adopted father, in the New York Times. Most commenters around the web are rushing to defend Allen, claiming he was “exonerated” back in 1993 when it was first reported. Claiming that the fact that Mia and Dylan didn’t take […]

If X is true, then how about Z?

Just for fun, let’s take some Republican policies and statements at full-on face value and play a game I like to call, If X Is True, Then How About Z? This game is best taught through demonstration, so I’ll start the ball rolling. If birth control pills cure libido somehow, and rape is all about […]

Pope Francis okays breastfeeding in public

The Prude Brigade must be very sad indeed this month. I’m a bit late to the game on this one, but Pope Francis recently told mothers in the Sistine Chapel that they should go ahead and breastfeed in public, even in holy spaces. “If they are hungry, mothers, let them eat, no worries, because here, […]

Further thoughts on the Republican war against women

Earlier today I posted about feeble attempts by Republicans to indicate that if there’s a war on women, it’s um the Democrats waging it, uh yes, that’s the ticket! I just want to point out one thing. Once upon a time, the party of Lincolm wasn’t so anti-abortion, anti-women, anti-feminist, anti-gay, etc. They became that […]