Discuss! What Abigail Fisher has in common with Mitt Romney

Abigail Fisher is a young white woman who was rejected admission by the University of Texas. Fisher decided this was because she was white, and the university’s diversity policy has put her at a disadvantage. She’s taken her case to the Supreme Court, which many people fear will use the case to end affirmative action. […]

Republicans mistake critical thinking for mind control. Um…

This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard yet. After sitting through the “rape caucus” remarks and Mitt Romney’s binders full of women and 47% and the party’s complete denial that numbers might be involved in determining quantities, the Republicans have managed to top themselves. A bunch of them spent tax dollars going to a forum […]

Abortion ban claims another life: is this what people mean by pro-life?

Rosa Hernandez, a teenage girl in the Dominican Republic, needed chemotherapy for her leukemia. She didn’t get it because she was pregnant, and chemo might possibly cause a miscarriage, and they have a total abortion ban. She and the fetus both died. This bears another going-over. Rosa wasn’t seeking an abortion. She was seeking chemotherapy. […]

A 2012 definition of feminism

Some of you who have dismissed feminism as some man-hating “feminazi” agenda may have recently come to realize that damn, there are some men out there who would like to set back women’s rights. Maybe feminism isn’t so past its expiration date after all. If so, you may be searching for a modern definition of […]

Strategy lesson: voter suppression loses to data crunching

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a radio interview with a guy named Nate Silver. He’d created a mathematical model for crunching all the data from all the political polls, plus looking at various past patterns and so on, and distilling all this into amazingly accurate election predictions. His accuracy rating alone was […]

The importance of choice

The US talks a lot about freedom and how essential it is to a good life. Freedom may not cure disease, prevent natural disasters or even fix the economy, and yet somehow we realize life just isn’t worth living without freedom. By which of course many Americans mean their own freedom, not yours. Remember: we […]