Sperm donor sued for child support by Kansas

This should turn a few men Democrat. A man answered a Craigslist ad from a lesbian couple a few years ago by providing them some of his sperm. They signed agreements that he wasn’t the father and had no financial responsibility for the child. One of the women had his genetic offspring, and then the […]

Republicans kill Violence Against Women Act – pretend you’re surprised

I’m confused. I thought the Republicans wanted to end abortion because they see it as violence against women, but apparently they’re just fine with domestic violence against women. While the fiscal cliff negotiations were grabbing all the headlines, the House quietly killed the extension of a bill that provided federal help to states in fighting […]

Torturing poor kids for profits

Nathan Archuleta, not quite three, suffered the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after going to a dentist. Why? Because in under 25 minutes, the dentist gave the boy three crowns, two baby root canals and six silver fillings. His mother heard him screaming and crying and burst into the room to see three clinic employees […]

Republican Rep DesJarlais pressured mistress to get abortion, will run again

There’s hypocritical, and then there’s this guy: Initial details surrounding Desjarlais’s conversation with his mistress surfaced after a transcript of a phone conversation he had with her went public. In which he advised her to abort his child. He initially said the conversation had been taped without his knowledge, but when that was publicly proved […]

Dan Quayle on no incest exceptions for abortion

Remember the all those extreme right wingers who tried to rationalize their objections to allowing abortion in cases of rape or incest, and ended up not getting elected? Just in case you thought this was something new in politics, it’s really not. This is from 1998: More of a concern within the Bush campaign, however, […]

Share your scary rejection stories here

A lot of people I’m not going to link to find it hard to believe that women fear men, that we worry that a man we don’t know well might be from that small minority who’d kill us to preserve his ego. They find it especially hard to believe any woman would ever submit to […]