Catwoman #1…not really sexy. Mostly creepy

I try not to let my nerdy fangirlishness cloud my judgement on the things that I read and see. It’s easy to get lost in entertainment, and it’s hard, sometimes to step back from the things that I love and criticize their problems. This hasn’t been the case with most of DC’s new 52. And […]

A couple of fabulous young reader solicits from DC Comics…


The time is nearly upon us, everyone. This week marks the first issue of the all new Justice League, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee. Only time will tell what the reboot will really bring, but until then, have a couple of really fantastic solicits from the DC Kid’s line… First, October’s […]

DC Comics in Response: We Hear You

With all of the criticism its gotten over the past week after the PR Nightmare that were the DC panels at San Diego Comic Con, the comics publisher, first through Bleeding Cool, and then on their own blog, spoke up about their intentions toward diversifying their product and their market: “DC Comics is the home […]

San Diego Comic Con Part 2

17 more tidbits from the con! 1. The creators of Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade and doing a more adult comic for Image called “Danger Club” about superheroes beating the hell out of each other. 2. The protest against the DC reboot garnered an incredibly tiny turnout. Not that it’s super surprising. 3. […]

San Diego Comic Con 2011 Part 1

21 tidbits from the con so far. 1. When asked about Stephanie Brown at the New 52 panel, Dan Didio replied: “Stephanie Brown will be part of Batman’s world in The New 52. I was a huge Spoiler fan, believe me.” I don’t believe that last part. 2. When asked about Donna Troy and Cassandra Cain […]

18-34 Year Old Men indeed, DC Comics


The cover to Red Hood and the Outlaws #2, one of DC’s New 52 dropped on Monday, and here is the cover: Oh, Starfire. I actually don’t like to blog about Starfire because opinions about her are so incredibly divided. There is a faction of women who find her character extremely empowering, and a faction […]

IDW’s Womanthology

So, Thursday, a bunch of female comics creators announced a Womanthology; a hardcover book solely by female comics creators, coming out from IDW with a December release date. 300 pages, full color. But they needed to raise the money to actually print a small run of 1500. Word got out pretty quick of the need […]