Miranda on not fitting in with the attractive set

Paraphrasing because I just saw it and haven’t had a chance to watch it back. Miranda Hart, as her sitcom character Miranda in the eponymous series said: Women who look like me don’t get any messages that we’re attractive. So it might take us a little longer to feel like we are. I can’t even […]

Talking about Consent

You know that it’s bad sign about a series when the answer to the question ‘you know that really rapey episode’ is: ‘which one?’ We’ve discussed Star Trek: Voyager on this site before, and have basically come to the conclusion that yes, they did some things right, but booooy did they get stuff horribly wrong […]

Women in the majority on QI

Jennifer has talked about QI before. Personally I sampled a lot of British comedy panel quizzes; of the top of my head I count six that I have watched at least a dozen episodes of. I started watching them about ten years ago, we lived on a hill and could get the BBC at my […]

Harrod’s toys with ending children’s gender segregation

Gender segregation starts at the toy store: Boys don’t get to play with pink soccer balls. Girls don’t get to have a Star Wars thermos. And if the child deviates from the norm the kid’s just inviting a bully into their lives! To keep the kids who just don’t know better from picking up the […]

Equality of the sexes. Seriously.

Personally I love silly shows. The kind of shows where the creators don’t take it all too seriously. If no one’s trying to sell me a moral of the story, I’m happy. There’s this old show called “˜Silk Stalkings’ and I must admit I adore it. It’s about two homicide detectives in Palm Beach who […]

Girl avenging Brother

I really enjoy shows that don’t take themselves too seriously. I love those, think “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World.” Or the ancient police-on-bike in tiny shorts series “˜Pacific Blue’ or “˜Lois and Clark’, I could go on forever, I have watched a lot of TV in my time. What I wanted to tell […]