Bionic Woman

*Spoilers behind the jump for the pilot of Bionic Woman, premiering September 26th on NBC at 9pm.* In the re-imagining of Bionic Woman Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) is a bartender raising her teenaged sister Becca, when she and her boyfriend Will are involved in a horrible car crash. Her injuries should have been fatal, but […]

Big Brother 8

It might seem a little melodramatic, but I think Big Brother this season is an excellent example of the 5 stages of grief in a compressed, reality tv show time frame: 1. Denial- This cannot be happening. How did they even find this many truly awful people? 2. Anger- This is horrible, and I kind […]

Verizon Commercial

I really don’t need to spend a lot of time pulling this Verizon commercial to pieces, but sometimes a target makes itself nice and big, and then just to make it irresistible they throw a giant pile of hypocrisy on top. The ad is short and simple, with Dad coming in to tell his children […]

Big Brother 8- They’ve Hit Rock Bottom and Started to Dig

After last summer’s horrible display, I fully intended to live the rest of my life without seeing another episode. I’ve almost managed to do that- my awareness of this season’s cast came mostly from a relative I’m very fond of (despite her questionable taste in television) who’s addicted to it, until I clicked on a […]

28 Days Later…

**MAJOR spoilers, horror film gore, and discussion of rape behind the jump** 28 Days Later is usually classified as a zombie film despite having only minor commonalities with the traditional movie zombies. The movie shows the destruction of most of the UK population after a rescue attempt on an animal research facility releases chimpanzees that […]

Red Bull’s Superhero Commercial

You know, I should probably just stop watching commercials considering how they manage to piss me off on such a regular basis. The latest culprit? This commercial for Red Bull energy drink. The commercial starts with a costumed superhero snoozing in an armchair, when he’s woken by a woman’s screams for help through the open […]

Uptown Girls

When I started watching Uptown Girls I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting any deep thoughts. Molly (Brittany Murphy) is the daughter of a late rock star who, after her inheritance is embezzled, winds up becoming the nanny to Ray (Dakota Fanning) a rather difficult child with some very set ideas. At first glance, it’s a […]