Humanitarian Crisis on the Aegean Sea: A Yogi’s View

I received the following in email from Becky. She wants this to be forwarded as widely as possible, so please share! Humanitarian Crisis on the Aegean Sea: A Yogi’s View By Becky Thompson   “Since I have lost my brother, I am lost, “ the twenty-three year old woman tells me as she shows me […]

A Thursday Interruption: Re: Rosas

Beyonce’s choreography in “Countdown” received a lot of criticism; Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker accused Bey of plagiarizing the routine… and of doing so poorly!   Ouch. Here’s Rosas Danst Rosas, which is stunning in its anger. And here’s “Countdown” which is stunning in its utter sass. I find conversations like this fascinating, because I think there’s […]

Into the Woods: The Agony of Rapunzel’s Prince

I just saw Into the Woods. I’ve loved the musical for ages, and have been agonizing about its transition to screen. Fortunately, I think the changes from stage to screen have nicely updated some aspects of the original I struggled with. The movie cuts out a couple songs intrinsic to the plot of the original musical. […]

A Thursday Interruption: Queens Galore!

Sorry for my long sabbactical, my doves! It’s been a hectic few months, with some health stuff and personal drama, but I’d like to kick this new year off with some sweet jams. Here’s hoping this new year brings us all some much needed joy and happiness.

Best SIBLING Books

This is in part prompted by a friend’s listing of SF/F featuring siblings and the attendant potential for ick. I tried to think of siblings done well in SF/F where… 1. Both sibs are alive and kickin’. Unfortunately, this means Jo Walton’s Among Others, featuring twins Morganna and Morwenna, does not count, because one of these two […]