Best SIBLING Books

This is in part prompted by a friend’s listing of SF/F featuring siblings and the attendant potential for ick. I tried to think of siblings done well in SF/F where… 1. Both sibs are alive and kickin’. Unfortunately, this means Jo Walton’s Among Others, featuring twins Morganna and Morwenna, does not count, because one of these two […]

A Thursday Interruption: Lesbians React

This first link may not be safe for work. For those of you who dare: BEHOLD! LESBIANS REACT TO LESBIAN PORN! Total honesty: I thought this next vid was going to be a “Single Ladies” parody. This critique of the corporatization of LGBTQQA movements and marketing towards homonormative citizens is less musical, but more politically […]

After Earth

fear is a choice

After Earth stands out brilliantly in a crowd of ho-hum summer blockbusters. Its nuanced portrayal of military family dynamics as well as its complicating of the homefront through its centering of the whole military family deftly raises the emotional stakes of the film’s action sequences. Plus, Kitai’s mom and sister are better developed and more emotionally […]

A Thursday Interruption: Conversations with Kids

Seriously… this is so funny I am CRYING. Here’s another cute kid… this time from a commercial. Interestingly, people are so, uh, RACIST, that Cheerios closed comments on this series of commercials, since it features an interracial couple/family. Hooray for Cheerios! I’m normally a Snap/Crackle/POP! girl, but I’m now publicly declaring my new found allegiance […]