Rogue: S1, E1/E2: “Aquarium/Fireball”

Rogue features that time-honored premise. 1. A good cop-turned-cynic who plays by his own rules accidentally brings his work home. 2. Dead daughter. 3. VENGEANCE!!!! 4. Mayhem, boundary-blurring between good and bad guys, cop earns reluctant admiration of by-the-rules superiors, etc etc. Normally, this formula is deeply tied up into narratives masculinity and statehood. The […]

What I’m NOT Reading: Tag (The Zumar Chronicles)

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I really enjoy a good technothriller. They’re rare — it’s a genre that rewards “boys will be boys” cliches, clunky writing replete with poorly handled info-dumps, and really underdeveloped characters. Tag… is not a great entry into the genre. Here’s the description from Amazon: On 15 March 2110, 6.3 billion people will die at the […]

Links of Great Interest: More on Firefly

Hooray! No more OSC Superman project! The sequester will hurt women. Confused about what the sequester IS? HuffPo has your back. More on the Oscars. Jo Walton’s Farthing is getting re-released. This is YOUR CHANCE to get in on some sweet (compelling, well-written) alt-history WWII action. Reality check on transvag ultrasounds. Really great post on Firefly: Shouldn’t […]

Links of Great Interest:

Wanna take a FREE class on gender in comics? Trader Joe’s exec wants to sell expired food. Really bewildered by Hemmens’ review. The only books I’ve read where there’s been a “moonlight glistening on the buttocks” moment were written by men. Like, there’s definitely a moment near the end of Lisey’s Story where she’s just, you […]

Links of Great Interest: BOOM, baby.

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On thigh gaps and thinspo. One of the best follow ups to a TED talk. SAY NO TO SUPERMAN. Diocese says: No girls allowed!! I pretty much agree with all of this, and share the Sansa love. Sports Illustrated is all about boobies and low self esteem. Y’all, the LoGI email is BACK in BUSINESS. […]