Links of Great Interest: Happy new year!

“Bullshit.” Eight year olds, am I right? On farting in yoga class. Star Trek as inspiration. Crowd sourcing tolerance. Let’s help the arts! Is this creepy? On the one hand, I loooove girls starting businesses in HS. On the other? I think it’s creepy… Is LiLo happy? More importantly, does she love the beetle?

Links of Great Interest: Happy Friday, Folks!

The story of a the gelatin girl…. from back when Seventeen published SF/F. 11 year old rape survivor a “spider.” A review of Ekaterina Sedia’s Moscow But Dreaming. IN YOUR FACE. A heroine for the 21st century. Some reflections on writing while brown. You know, I’ve had something similar to me as a AfroLatina SF/F writer? That’s […]

Links of Great Interest: Happy Monday!

The story of an amazing mom. Racism in the ivory tower. Feeding a black nation. Waiting for results. “I benefited from apartheid.” HOORAY FOR OPEN RIVERS! The lie about periods. Why won’t men grow up? Okay, readers. Have at it! FIERCE.