Links of Great Interest: Happy new year!

“Bullshit.” Eight year olds, am I right? On farting in yoga class. Star Trek as inspiration. Crowd sourcing tolerance. Let’s help the arts! Is this creepy? On the one hand, I loooove girls starting businesses in HS. On the other? I think it’s creepy… Is LiLo happy? More importantly, does she love the beetle?

Links of Great Interest: Happy Friday, Folks!

The story of a the gelatin girl…. from back when Seventeen published SF/F. 11 year old rape survivor a “spider.” A review of Ekaterina Sedia’s Moscow But Dreaming. IN YOUR FACE. A heroine for the 21st century. Some reflections on writing while brown. You know, I’ve had something similar to me as a AfroLatina SF/F writer? That’s […]

Links of Great Interest: Happy Monday!

The story of an amazing mom. Racism in the ivory tower. Feeding a black nation. Waiting for results. “I benefited from apartheid.” HOORAY FOR OPEN RIVERS! The lie about periods. Why won’t men grow up? Okay, readers. Have at it! FIERCE.  

Links of Great Interest: Still getting caught up

The connections between abortion and poverty A child is reprimanded for challenging gender A big FU to feminist comics fans. Signal Boost: Stand with the Garifuna people! How heterosexual privilege stigmatizes bisexuality Racism affects the brain. 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. On Predator Why you should care about this affair What the Bible says […]