Links of Great Interest: Still getting caught up

The connections between abortion and poverty A child is reprimanded for challenging gender A big FU to feminist comics fans. Signal Boost: Stand with the Garifuna people! How heterosexual privilege stigmatizes bisexuality Racism affects the brain. 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one. On Predator Why you should care about this affair What the Bible says […]

Woman Denied Abortion Dies

This is horrible. “Savita was really in agony. She was very upset, but she accepted she was losing the baby. When the consultant came on the ward rounds on Monday morning Savita asked if they could not save the baby could they induce to end the pregnancy. The consultant said, ‘As long as there is […]

Links of Great Interest: NO ME DIGAS!

Dash is pretty amazing. Why Hillary Clinton is kind of awesome. Ikea regrets editing women out of its catalog. A review of 50 Shades of Gray. Black people are everywhen. Oh, Princess Leia, the one princess I love. Bush’s secret speech is super sketchy. The War on Women never ended. The Diamond Age… had some useful […]

Links of Great Interest: NOW WITH MORE LINKS!


Mitt Romney is a crazy mofo. 31 states allow rapists CUSTODY. The Royal Shakespeare Company is failing at life. Why are super heroines more likely to star in porns? A petition about Reddit. US soldiers raped an Okinawan woman. Keep it classy, GOP. “If I am, indeed, a feminist, I am a rather bad one.” […]