A Thursday Interruption: Does girl control ocean??

I’m guessing they had to cut this scene once Hawaiian Airlines started using Lilo as spokesperson. Joss Whedon talks politics. This is a fantastic live version of “Tightrope.” I know it’s a stressful time politically but let’s just commit to rocking out for 5 minutes a day.

Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity is an interesting film not just because of the scares, but because of its analysis of psychological abuse and gaslighting. In 2006, Katie and Micah have moved out into the suburbs. Micah establishes off the bat that he’s… well, he’s the one paying the bills, right? So he’s sorta the boss. Katie goes […]

Links of Great Interest: Just a few this week!

“You can get away with buying babies around the world as a United States citizen,” says Richard Cross, a senior special agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement who investigated Galindo. “It’s not a crime.” “Pregnancy from rape is not God’s will.” Love notes for Sharmeka. Radiolab’s treatment of the Hmong experience. What we expect from allies. […]

The Casual Vacancy

I’ve long said that Harry Potter as a series is about the very best of a generation of young people… and the way all the adults in their lives systemically fail them. The Casual Vacancy is… well. It’s darker and more honest and more painful, and it’s not just the adults who suck: it’s teens failing one […]

RIP, Amanda Todd

From the ABC News article: A week later, she said she received a text message telling her to get out of school and then a group of students, led by the boy’s girlfriend, surrounded her at school and said, “Look around, nobody likes you.” “A guy then yelled, ‘Just punch her already,’ so [the girlfriend] […]

A Thursday Interruption: Slut Like You

I’m never sure how I feel about Pink’s feminist street cred. She’s fairly derogatory about other women in her song “Stupid Girls”, but I know she self ID’s as a feminist. IDK — she always strikes me as fairly catty towards other women. I fucking love this choreography. Queen B for life! ASTRONOMERS AND STARSHIPPERS REPRESENT!

Links of Great Interest: I MOVE THE STARS FOR NO ONE.

BAMF: Wonder Woman as a Chicana. A tumblr teen needs help. A critique of Occupy Wall Street. A woman responds to Reddit’s mockery. Queer mythology for the win! The daughter in this story is utter class. MAJOR SIGNAL BOOST: Help these researchers flesh out an under-researched portion of American history. This is actually pretty radical: […]