The Laughing Corpse — Laurell K. Hamilton

Sometimes? LKH makes me really really angry. Why? Because she takes these pretty standard tropes re: the angsty mulatta, tosses in some vampires/angry faeries, and voila! People love it. I’m gonna do a close read of The Laughing Corpse, one of the first books in the Anita Blake series. After this, I’ll probably do a […]

An Anti-Racist Historian Reflects on Gaming

Awhile ago, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to join their Harry Potter RPG. I was a bit wary of the RPG aspect — don’t those involve math? And nerd-boys? I hate math. And nerd-boys. But — I love Harry Potter. It really sounded like an elaborate game of pretend — combined with […]

is inequality making us sick? I’m already intrigued… a documentary on healthcare in the US the acknowledges, in advance, that ‘social policies are health policies?’ :fans self: This is especially awesome given this little bit of propaganda:  It’s so lovely to be reminded that your healthcare needs can be reduced to your ability to act as a storage […]

English as a Second Language — Megan Crane

In English as a Second Language, our heroine Alexandra goes to grad school across the pond primarily because her ex-boyfriend says she can’t. It’s a bit of a lark… but one that’ll take about a year to get through. Right. Hm. The writing style’s quick and witty (highlights include Alex attempting to spy on her […]

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HIV conference — Texas

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) HIV/STD Program, in partnership with the Center for Health Training (CHT) and Workers Assistance Program (WAP), is conducting a call for presentations for the 16th Texas HIV/STD Conference, scheduled for May 18-22, 2008 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas. This event is designed […]