teaching the levees

This more an FYI than anything else.  Teaching the Levees is an AMAZING teacher’s resource for introducing discussions of race, class, and gender in the classroom. While the DVD focuses on the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina, its historical component and other supplementary resources make it clear that the events in question are not without context or politics. The website www.teachingthelevees.org includes […]

The Laughing Corpse — Laurell K. Hamilton

Sometimes? LKH makes me really really angry. Why? Because she takes these pretty standard tropes re: the angsty mulatta, tosses in some vampires/angry faeries, and voila! People love it. I’m gonna do a close read of The Laughing Corpse, one of the first books in the Anita Blake series. After this, I’ll probably do a […]

An Anti-Racist Historian Reflects on Gaming

Awhile ago, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to join their Harry Potter RPG. I was a bit wary of the RPG aspect — don’t those involve math? And nerd-boys? I hate math. And nerd-boys. But — I love Harry Potter. It really sounded like an elaborate game of pretend — combined with […]

is inequality making us sick?

http://unnaturalcauses.org/ I’m already intrigued… a documentary on healthcare in the US the acknowledges, in advance, that ‘social policies are health policies?’ :fans self: This is especially awesome given this little bit of propaganda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTOxIFW1Mhk  It’s so lovely to be reminded that your healthcare needs can be reduced to your ability to act as a storage […]

English as a Second Language — Megan Crane

In English as a Second Language, our heroine Alexandra goes to grad school across the pond primarily because her ex-boyfriend says she can’t. It’s a bit of a lark… but one that’ll take about a year to get through. Right. Hm. The writing style’s quick and witty (highlights include Alex attempting to spy on her […]

Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa

http://www.plannedparenthood.org/greater-iowa/events.htm Not Ready for a Baby Yet? Prevent pregnancy today…and for years to come! Take part in our FREE Plan B, FREE IUD or Implanon, and FREE vasectomy offer! FREE Plan B (the morning-after pill) FREE IUD or Implanon (long-term, reversible birth ontrol) FREE Vasectomy (long-term, irreversible birth control) Visit your local Planned Parenthood of […]

HIV conference — Texas

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS The Department of State Health Services (DSHS) HIV/STD Program, in partnership with the Center for Health Training (CHT) and Workers Assistance Program (WAP), is conducting a call for presentations for the 16th Texas HIV/STD Conference, scheduled for May 18-22, 2008 at the Renaissance Austin Hotel in Austin, Texas. This event is designed […]