The Witch of Cologne — Tobsha Lerner

The Witch of Cologne has a really awful cover. I actually resisted buying/borrowing it for a while, because the cover featured a woman in an awkwardly unlaced corset and sporting the 16th century equivalent of bed-head. but really now… Kushiel’s Dart had as raunchy a cover, and it was great fun, so I finally was […]

The Last Unicorn

Here’s the scene and the context: I’m on the phone with my new (white) boyfriend, and bring up one of the organizations that’s near and dear to my heart… Swirl. In case you haven’t heard of Swirl, it’s a national organization that focuses on political and social issues related to mixed race/multicultural people. I’ve found […]

A Conversation about Contagion

Brief Synopsis: Contagion features a super contagious airborne virus that kills within a few days. The movie follows the experiences of the Emhoff family and WHO/CDC staff members as they try to combat the spread of the disease. Maria: I really loved that this movie had no romantic sub-plot. While Beth Emhoff, a cheating wife/business executive, […]