jane lindskold — the firekeeper saga

Jane Lindskold is an amazing author. I first encountered her work when I read Child of a Rainless Year. I was astonished — here was a coming of age story about an adult, an older woman, and one that acknowledged the complicated interplay between race, class, and family. AND it was a lyrical, lovely fantasy […]

candy girl: a year in the life of an unlikely stripper — diablo cody

I have some seriously mixed feelings about Candy Girl. Basically, it’s the memoir of a middle-class white woman who falls in love with someone over the internet, and moves in with him. Sadly, he lives in Minneapolis, which is incredibly boring. She ends up falling into stripping, almost as though she’s looking for something to […]

silver screen — justina robson

‘When I finally made it downstairs, wearing an old tracksuit I had found in my cupboards, she [my mother] put her hand to her mouth. “You look very sick,” she said. “Your eyes are like pits of tar: yellow and black. And your skin is the colour of white people. What were you trying to […]

Witness of Gor — John Norman

Hello, my lovelies. I apologize for my enforced hiatus from book blogging – I just moved, and haven’t had reliable internet access for the last few weeks. But don’t worry. My lack of posting does not mean I haven’t been reading, so look forward to seeing a bunch of critiques coming up soon. Now, on […]

The Witch of Cologne — Tobsha Lerner

The Witch of Cologne has a really awful cover. I actually resisted buying/borrowing it for a while, because the cover featured a woman in an awkwardly unlaced corset and sporting the 16th century equivalent of bed-head. but really now… Kushiel’s Dart had as raunchy a cover, and it was great fun, so I finally was […]

The Last Unicorn

Here’s the scene and the context: I’m on the phone with my new (white) boyfriend, and bring up one of the organizations that’s near and dear to my heart… Swirl. In case you haven’t heard of Swirl, it’s a national organization that focuses on political and social issues related to mixed race/multicultural people. I’ve found […]

A Conversation about Contagion

Brief Synopsis: Contagion features a super contagious airborne virus that kills within a few days. The movie follows the experiences of the Emhoff family and WHO/CDC staff members as they try to combat the spread of the disease. Maria: I really loved that this movie had no romantic sub-plot. While Beth Emhoff, a cheating wife/business executive, […]