Superior Ability, Inferior Ambition

Hey, Hathor readers! It’s your friendly neighborhood guest blogger, Gena– rumors of my writing retirement have been greatly exaggerated. Before I jump into the nitty-gritty of this article, I’d like to give a big, big thank you to the awesome members of the Star Trek fandoms, and people from outside, as well, who’ve produced amazing, thought-provoking pieces […]

Closet Politics


I think it’s wicked hella dick to out someone, and it’s NEVER going to be a Good Thing to do, or even an Okay Thing, considering how much very real personal and professional and emotional risk it puts the outed person into in our homophobic society (irrespective of privacy concerns and the nebulous boundaries of […]

Thoughts on Star Trek, as the World Falls Apart

journal.txt Restored from draft, last saved 06/13/2012 Man, it seems like every time things start to go well, I turn around and I’m hiding from some kind of horrifying monster. And with the wrong flash drive in tow, again!! Anyone else get that feeling? Well, that’s not fair. I mean, last year, something… happened to […]

Spoiler-Free Reviews: The Avengers

I went to see The Avengers yesterday! And, okay, you know how I’m usually Ms. Betty Buzzkill when it comes to SF/F, right? With my Critical Thinking Cap on and everything? And how I don’t like Joss Whedon, because his character-writing is formulaic, and he has significant issues writing women, PoC, and queer characters? And […]

What I’m Not Reviewing: Smash

I’m gonna be real with y’all– I love Smash. It’s just the right balance of cheesy soap-opera drama and something interesting enough to make me care about the vapid interpersonal stuff, the inner workings of show business (with characters played by stage pros). Seriously, show me some behind-the-scenes stuff, for the stage or the screen, […]

Reaction: Game of Thrones (2×02)

Real life, as always– including subpar Internet access– continues to get in the way of my posting regularly. Alas! But never fear, everything’s been resolved for next week. 😀 2×02 Human beings in a mob What’s a mob to a king? What’s a king to a god? What’s a god to a non-believer / who […]

Reaction: Game of Thrones (2×01)

I got behind on the Spring 2012 cable TV season because of finals, but I’m still here! Starting next week, I’m going to be posting my “starter” reviews two episodes at a time until I catch up with the air schedule for this season of Game of Thrones. 😀 2×01 Previously on Game of Thrones: […]