The Hunger Games

Guess who’s back? It’s Gena! Guess who went to see “The Hunger Games”? It’s… Gena?! Yeah. I’d been saying and saying and saying I wasn’t going to see this movie. (At first I was thinking I should start a “Movies I’m Not Watching” post like Maria, but the only thing that this has proved is […]

The Loving Dead

Having been praised as a truly modern piece of horror metaliterature, “The Loving Dead,” Amelia Beamer’s first novel, could also be (and also has been) summarized as “the one about sexy zombies.” And it is certainly some very self-aware genre fiction– none of the characters shy away from using the word “zombie,” as people tend […]

DC New 52: Blue Beetle

I’m pretty sure I’ve told you guys how much I love me some Jaime Reyes. If not, feel free to note now– I love me some Jaime Reyes. I loyally followed the character’s run on the Blue Beetle solo title, and was sad when it ended, despite the series going out with a fantastic bang. […]

Marvel Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man

SPOILERS. Miles Morales, the multi-ethnic Afro-Latino-American Ultimate Spider-Man, is incredibly awesome. I haven’t written about him before, even though I fall more and more in love with Brian Michael Bendis’s writing on this title with each issue, because most of what I had to say up until this point was, “LEAVE MILES ALONE! HE IS […]

Why Captain America is Better than X-Men: First Class and Thor

Let me first go on the record to state that this is obviously going to be an opinion piece– I’m going to do my best to back up what I’m saying with what I’ve observed, but, in the end, whether or not something can be objectively quantified as “good” doesn’t necessarily have any real bearing […]

Activism 101: Toxic Fandoms

I saw a user icon on LiveJournal once that said, “Fandom is like being in second grade forever.” …I skipped second grade. Still, I’d reason that that’s an astute enough observation, having known plenty of bratty eight-year-olds in my time. Though I could be wrong! I could be wrong. Here at Hathor, the staff have […]

Reaction: True Blood (4×02)

To the Americans in the Hathor readership, Happy US Independence Day! To celebrate the occasion, I am wearing my very festive vampire fang earrings. Remember to use sunscreen out there, non-vampires, and to stay hydrated! Jason Stackhouse comes to in a dark room somewhere, with hound dogs baying in the background. His vision is swirling […]