Delayed Reaction: Game of Thrones (1×10)

…Whooops! Because I am a jinx, real life drama got in my way AGAIN yesterday. Mea culpa, mea culpa!! So, nearly two weeks late, I present you: THE GAAAAAME OF THROOOOOONES FINALEEEEEEE! Last time on GoT: Ned Stark is a fool! Robb Stark is slightly less of a fool! Jon Snow is a broody fool! […]

Reaction: True Blood (4×01)

As with all the episode recaps, there will be spoilers for the TV show, and minimal jokes referencing the books, particularly since True Blood TV canon ≠ Southern Vampire Mysteries book canon. Because of personal schedule conflicts, I was unable to post the Game of Thrones finale review last week, so it will be posted […]

Reaction: Game of Thrones (1×08 & 1×09)

Okay. Okay. I’m typing this in the rapidly dimming light from my parked car in the library parking lot– I’m hoping the smell of children from the school next door and the smell of book glue from inside will cover my location. As it is… I think there will also be a lot of blood […]

Pride and Possession: Magic Flowers, Hair, and Women (and the Kidnappers Who “Love” Them)

A short while ago, I was having a discussion with a close friend about stepmothers. Fictional Stepmothers, you see, the Villainesses (or at least Obstructions) to the goals/life/happiness of their adopted children. We were hard-pressed to think of any female-centric, female protagonist fiction, with a stepmother, that didn’t present that stepmother’s motivations as a) related […]

The Last Racebender

I’ve linked to Racebending before, in my, uh, only other article up so far, referencing how rarely Native actors portray themselves in popular media, and how that widens the disparity between the mass-consumed pop-cultural “knowledge” and appropriation of Native peoples and their history versus the realities of those peoples, cultures, history, and, often, awareness of […]

Dirty Redskin Devils

Not pictured: shoes.

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to Disney. I think it would be difficult to have been a child of my generation and not been, considering I spent all of my pre-adolescent years in the company’s “Renaissance” period. For every year of my childhood, from my toddler years well into my early […]