Terminator: Salvation

There is good news and bad news about Terminator: Salvation. The good news is that it is a far better film than Terminator 3, and the bad news is that it is nonetheless More of the Same, All About the Men. This is especially sad in a franchise that, three entries out of five, has […]

Watchmen: The Silk Spectre (Major Spoilers)

The main female character in Watchmen is Laurie Jupiter,* the second Silk Spectre. Her mother Sally Jupiter, the original Silk Spectre, was one of the first generation of costumed heroes. While Watchmen‘s other “legacy hero,” Nite Owl, was inspired to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps, Laurie was pushed onto her path by her domineering mother. […]

Film Review – Watchmen

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen is widely regarded as one of the greatest graphic novels ever written. Along with several other seminal works of the 1980s, it helped to change the way comic books were made and read. (Whether that is a good thing or not has been the subject of much debate.) Now, […]

The Dark Knight: Argh! (Major Spoilers)

In most ways, The Dark Knight is a truly spectacular film. It is certainly the best Batman film ever made (better even than the animated Mask of the Phantasm), and one of the best superhero movies ever made. Almost every character in the film has great characterization and development. But on the female characters, it […]

Justice League: Hawkgirl (Major Season 2 Spoilers)

Hawkgirl, a.k.a. Shayera Hol, is my favorite character on Justice League. Why can be summed up with two quotes: When a team she’s leading runs into Lex Luthor and company: We going to do this the hard way, Lex? Please say yes. Another time, Vixen gives her advice on dealing with a subordinate: Vixen: Men […]

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Major Spoilers)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army is another visual masterpiece from Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola, but like its predecessor it falls down when in comes to its female characters. In the first film, Liz Sherman’s role as a dangerous, unstable pyrokinetic was overshadowed by her role as Hellboy’s love interest (an element not found […]

The Big Bang Theory: Penny is actually pretty cool

The Big Bang Theory is a newish sitcom from Chuck Lorre, best known for Two and a Half Men(cue chorus of groans and growls). Like that show, it has plenty to object to, notably the two lead characters, both white male physicists. Leonard (Johnny Galecki) is the audience surrogate for the Nice Guys in the […]