“Accidentally on Purpose” making social commentary

“Accidentally on Purpose” is a new sitcom starring Jenna Elfman that centers around a 37-year-old woman who starts a fling with a much younger man, only to find herself pregnant. The premise immediately made me raise a feminist eyebrow, since there are just so many tropes and clichés that potentially lurk just below the surface. […]

Glee: Actually, pretty much a letdown

There are lots of things I really wanted to like about Glee. It’s definitely creative and different, it demonstrates some appreciation for high-school-outsider status, and it’s probably the first tv show that I can think of that really engages my love of musicals. Having observed some of the commentary surrounding the special preview episode that […]

Nurse Jackie: Imperfection done right

I’ve been checking out a number of new shows lately, and of those that are both new to me and new in general, I think Nurse Jackie is easily my favourite (I’ve watched through episode 5, so I may be missing any radical changes in the most recent ones). Without going into too much description, […]

I’m Not There: How to Write a Good Female Character We Rarely See

I’m Not There is a somewhat experimental bio-pic of Bob Dylan written and directed by Todd Haynes, and featuring six different actors (including Heath Ledger and a much-discussed and brilliant performance by Cate Blanchett) playing various elements of the Dylan persona. Since the film is about Bob Dylan, and since all of the main characters […]


Joss Whedon’s latest project, developed during the writers’ strike, was an internet-based musical starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day, aired in three acts over the past week. Spoilers for all three acts follow, if you haven’t seen it.

Wall-E: The Gender-fication of Robots

Movies featuring anthropomorphic non-human characters are nearly always rich with questions about “gender” roles, since the assignment of gender onto such characters – especially inanimate ones – is entirely based on the writers’ imaginations, and the features selected to gender something “male” or “female” often reflect assumptions, stereotypes, and conventional gender roles. Pixar’s latest, Wall-E, […]

Melissa Who?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the sitcom Samantha Who? First, I generally hate sitcoms, and the premise of the show – a woman rebuilding her life after an accident that causes complete amnesia of who she is and what she’s done – seems exceptionally cliché at first. The show quickly redeemed itself in my eyes […]