Firefly: The Trouble With Saffron

The recent bout of feminist critique of Firefly has finally roused me from my prolonged inability to write anything at all about television, which will hopefully translate not only into some posts on that show that I’ve been mulling for a while, but also into some more regular content from me. Consider yourselves warned. As […]

Buffy Season 8: No Future For You

The Buffy Season 8 comic series started off with a 4-issue arc that was just okay, then produced the best single-issue comic I have ever read in my life (“The Chain”), and then managed to sustain some serious quality through the second 4-issue arc, “No Future For You”. I have always liked the character of […]

Quick Review: Dan in Real Life

I so rarely see movies in the theatre these days, it’s just that much more disappointing when I see one that has lots of potential, and then misses the mark so badly. Based on the ads and reviews for Dan in Real Life, I expected a smart, life-based movie, centred around a relationship, sure, and […]

Dexter: Learning Not to Trust (Part 3)

This is a more difficult post to write than the first two, both because it’s tougher to put my finger on exactly why I liked the way the third untrusting female character was portrayed, and because this character’s experience is more based on generalized male privilege than it is on the much more salient and […]

Dexter: Learning Not to Trust (Part 2)

The second woman in this episode who exhibits a learned discomfort with trusting her male partner is Rita, Dexter’s girlfriend. Rita is interesting for a number of reasons—she’s in a romantic relationship with a sociopath, but one who is adept at hiding the fact that he spends his evenings murdering people, though he still struggles […]

December 6th

December 6th is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women here in Canada. Unfortunately, that site doesn’t have links to any of the planned activities in various cities around the country, but if you live in Canada, you can contact the nearest women’s centre, shelter for abused women, or sexual assault/rape […]

Dexter: Learning Not to Trust (Part 1)

The second episode of the second season of Dexter includes a thematic thread connecting several of the female characters. I started trying to write just one post on it, but found that, even though I’m really only looking at one episode, the themes were rich enough that they deserved to be explored in a post […]