“Private Practice” on motherhood

I’ve been extremely disappointed with the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, Private Practice for a number of reasons, but I crossed over to ‘pissed off’ at the underlying message of the ‘patient of the week’ story in last week’s episode. Brief summary, spoilers included: After a couple discovers that their baby girl, a few months old, is […]

Brothers & Sisters: Seeing the big picture

I really feel like Brothers & Sisters managed to start on a feminist high note with this year’s season premiere. The ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ status issues, and the identity questions women have with respect to family roles, have always been a theme on the show, though I’ve felt that they haven’t always been the best […]

The Shaming of Lyla Garrity

I’ve been meaning to write about this episode for a while, and given that MaggieCat’s just given an overview of the character, now is as good a time as any. As MaggieCat’s article suggests, Lyla Garrity becomes an extremely complex character in ways that my reduced expectations of television shows have come to see as […]

Juxtapositions in scenes of sexual violence

The pilot of Gossip Girl contains an attempted rape scene full of the standard problems with the portrayal of sexual violence on TV. By coincidence, immediately after watching this episode, I finally got around to watching the episode of Friday Night Lights containing the attempted rape scene (discussed by MaggieCat here and here). The contrast […]

Subversive Masculinity–Introduction

Anyone who’s spent more than 30 seconds publicly identifying as a feminist has gotten into a conversation with someone expressing the thought “But what about the men?” The television/media geek version is “There are no good male role models on television, either” (citations to prove this point include Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, and Everybody Loves […]

I Read the Internets, too: 02/06/07

Before you get into pure internets links, head over to Team Rainbow and pick up a copy of her feminist comic book “Rainbow Girl Stars in SEXY WAR” [blog now private]. First of all, it’s a feminist comic book, and second: It is an international grassroots fundraiser with all proceeds donated to Umoja Uasa Kenyan […]