Gilmore Girls, Part 3: The ugly

Worse than the periodic spinelessness of the title women, for me, have been the relationships of the secondary characters. Exhibit A: Lane and Zack. Zack acted like a complete ass, and Lane dumped him for good reason. He showed no sign of real remorse, he didn’t apologize, they hadn’t had a conversation about even getting […]

Gilmore Girls, Part 2: The Bad

How does a show whose eponymous purpose is to be about mother/daughter relationships become all about romance? I can understand and appreciate it, to some extent, since Rory’s show age means that both she and her single mom are at a point in their lives where romantic relationships are taking on a new importance. Rory […]

Gilmore Girls, Part 1: The good

I may be the only person still watching Gilmore Girls, but it’s one of those situations of intense stubbornness after hanging on for seven seasons, and I struggle to admit just how far it’s fallen. This set of thoughts is divided into three parts, however, and this one is titled “The good”. The bad and […]

ANTM: Beyond the pale.

I have had no time at all for television this week, and I can’t handle America’s Next Top Model even on the days I’m most inclined to wallow and couldn’t care less what noise is distracting me from my thoughts. I came across these photos on the internet, however, and could not let them pass […]

Only the hard. Only the strong.

Warning: this post contains spoilers about the movie The 300. It doesn’t take a hard-core feminist to recognize that women are generally portrayed poorly (if at all) in each of comic books, war movies, and movies set in Ancient Greece/Rome. The fact that The 300 is all three of those things didn’t bode well for […]

Starbuck Revisited

I’ve been procrastinating a post on Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck for a few weeks now, but given the most recent episode (the shock of which I will attempt to leave unspoiled in this post), it seems that this is the time to actually write it. Scarlett wrote some great posts a while ago about the women […]

Why I hate L&O:SVU

Betacandy wrote a post last week praising an episode of Law & Order: CI, and within the comments I mentioned that I have deep misgivings about the Special Victims branch of the franchise, which focusses on (what else?) sex crimes. It’s not so much that a show entirely about sexual violence (or violence with sexual […]