Here’s looking at you, kid

I have a major soft spot for old movies–something about the very theatrical acting style, the bare-bones sets and effects, and the way so much potentially “offensive” content had to be creatively implied and left to the viewer’s imagination. I love them despite the fact that female characters are often only slightly less interesting than […]

House: One Day, One Room

I wasn’t entirely intending to focus entirely on issues of sexual assault on television, though having volunteered counseling survivors for almost four years, it does tend to be on my mind. Last week’s episode of House (“One Day, One Room”), which I finally watched last night, is making me change my mind. I mentioned in […]

Rape in Veronica Mars: Third (and final)

As my final post on this topic (for now anyway), I’d like to look back a bit on the portrayal of survivors’ reactions to sexual assault. The overall grade? Not good. Veronica’s own reaction is the only one that approximates complexity, which is fitting, given that she is, in fact, a complex, three-dimensional character. She’s […]

Rape in Veronica Mars: Part 2

In which I address the idea that since Veronica Mars is a great female role model, it’s okay to mock feminists. I can appreciate where Rob Thomas is coming from here. I do think Veronica is phenomenal–she’s smart, snappy, and real. She’s had a tough time and dealt with traumas including her own drug-induced rape, […]

Rape in Veronica Mars: Part 1

Veronica Mars, in its short life, has dealt an awful lot with rape. It has also received a lot of criticism for its approach during the first 9-episode story arc of the third season, which followed Veronica arriving at college and trying to solve the mystery of a serial rapist who drugs and shaves the […]