Hathor Watch-Along – Firefly, S1 Ep10: “War Stories”

OMG you guys I suuuuuck at getting the watch-along for this episode done. That is partly because I have been hella busy, but also probably partly because our episode this…time…is “War Stories,” which I don’t care for all that much. But better late than never and all of that… Let’s do this thing! “War Stories” […]

Hathor Watch-Along – Firefly, S1 Ep9: “Ariel”

Hey guys! It’s…not Sunday. However, it is time for the next episode of Firefly, “Ariel.” This episode starts out with a cozy, domestic little scene in the dining area of Serenity, with Jayne cleaning his guns, Kaylee and Inara playing a game, River and Simon having something to eat (or not), and Wash and Zoe […]

Hathor Watch-Along – Firefly, S1 Ep7: “Jaynestown”

It’s Firefly time again! And this week we’re watching another of my favorites, “Jaynestown.” This episode starts out with Kaylee getting her flirt on with Simon before heading into the set-up for the story: Serenity is going to Canton, and Jayne has been there before – in circumstances such that he feels it’s worth it […]

Hathor Watch-Along – Firefly, S1 Ep5: “Safe”

Hello, fellow Firefly-watchers! This week our episode is “Safe,” which starts off with a flashback to Simon and River’s childhood, showing some of their family dynamic as kids. Throughout the rest of the episode we get flashbacks of Simon trying to convince his parents that River is in trouble and needs help, showing both his […]

Hathor Watch-Along – Firefly, S1 Ep4: “Shindig”

facial expressions of women insulted in this episode

Sooo, I missed a week, there. My bad! But it’s all good, Hathorites (Hathorians? THLers?), because now I’m here with the next installment in our Firefly watch-along: “Shindig.” This is the episode that starts off with Mal and Jayne hustling pool and chatting with lowlifes in some sleazy back-planet bar while Inara watches on. Mal […]

Quick Thoughts on Thor

I just got back from seeing Thor in 3D, and I have many thoughts. Only a few of them are fully-formed enough to share right now, but maybe I’ll be able to go into more depth later. In the meantime… One, why did I think it would be awesome if there were more 3D movies? […]