I Read the Internets – 12/30/06

I’ve got a pretty big and varied assortment of links for you to peruse this week – the internets have been busy! First up, I was really pleased to see Jeff Pack writing a great post for the Official Shrub.com Blog about criticisms of criticism. I would’ve loved to see him going into a little […]

I Read the Internets – 12/16/06

Readers of the internets will no doubt be pleased to learn that the latest edition of the Feminist SF Carnival has been posted at Dance of the Puppets.   And writers of the internets should know that the call for submissions for the upcoming edition has been posted at League of Substitute Superheroes.   Yay, […]

I Read the Internets – 12/9/06

I Read the Internets is a little on the shortish side this week, dear readers. I’ve got the sore wrists that come of too much typing and knitting in one week, which preclude both extensive reading of the internets, and extensive writing about them (incidentally, if any of you have RSI-type problems, might I recommend […]

I Read the Internets – 12/2/06

As someone who not only spends a lot of time reading the internets, but who writes on them occasionally, too, I sometimes wonder whether anyone out there is reading me. When this curiosity strikes, I assuage it via a combination of IceRocket and Google, and look up my screenname, my real name, and the names […]

I Read the Internets – 11/25/06

Between my birthday (which was on Monday) and Thanksgiving (which was on Thursday, as they generally are in my country of origin), I have been doing much more eating than reading of the internets this week. Fortunately, something like the ultimate in internets reading was done for me by Racy Li, who put out the […]