Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Keiko’s Career

This is the third in a (sporadically updating) series of articles, following “Jadzia’s Gender,” and “Leeta’s Love Life.” Miles and Keiko O’Brien are right up there near the top of my List of Favorite Sci-Fi Married Couples, and have been for ages. I think the actors who portray the two characters – Colm Meaney and […]

I Read the Internets – 11/04/06

Hey there! You’re reading the first installment of a new weekly feature here at The Hathor Legacy which will, hopefully, allow me to make some extra use of some small part of the amount of time I spend every week reading blogs, forums and news sites. I’ll be bringing you links to (and sometimes brief […]

The Sixth Feminist SF Carnival

Welcome to the Sixth Feminist SF Carnival! I’ve got some really interesting and thought-provoking posts rounded up for you all this time around, and I hope you’ll want to read each and every one of them – and comment on them to let the authors know what you thought, when you do. Before you start […]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Leeta’s Love Life

I want to continue with my series about the female characters of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (see the previous article, “Jadzia’s Gender,” here) without too much of a gap between articles, but, of course, I’ve been insanely busy for the last few weeks, and haven’t had any time to do the prep work for […]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Jadzia’s Gender

This may be an odd admission, coming from a woman who writes for a blog about the portrayal of women in the media, but I don’t actually have access to current television programming. For a variety of reasons (mostly to do with how much money one doesn’t make as a student), I went several years […]

Links to Articles of Interest

I’ve been trying to plan some new articles for this blog, and I thought I’d look back over all of the things I’ve written here, to see if there was anything I wanted to explore in greater depth, or view from a different perspective. Wow, I sure do write about violent women a lot, don’t […]