Media Monday: Kelly Ripa Enjoys Laundry. A Lot.

By special request of fellow Hathor writer SBG, Media Monday this week features one of the Electrolux appliance commercials which star television personality Kelly Ripa. I chose the “Juggle” commercial, which advertises a washer and dryer, largely because I find the use of the music from Bewitched too obvious not to comment on. An embedded […]

This Week on Chuck – Chuck vs the Best Friend

Spoiler warning! I have a lot of good things to say about this week’s episode of Chuck, “Chuck Versus the Best Friend.” It had my favorite classic Chuck plot elements, but with plenty of variation and novelty, and though the overarching theme was plastered on with a very heavy hand, I’m always up for a […]

This Week on Heroes – Cold Wars

Spoilers for this episode below! My overall impression of “Cold Wars”: meh. The promos for this episode implied that we’d be getting all new insights into Noah Bennet’s character, but it all comes down to the same old whose-side-is-he-really-on question, and all Noah himself has to say is that he’s comfortable with morally gray. Nothing […]

This Week on Heroes – Building 26

For the first time in my life, I’m actually watching current television shows and keeping up with storylines and such, instead of catching up once everything is in reruns or on DVD. So I thought it might be fun to do some quick reaction and discussion posts here every week, and invite those of you […]