I Read the Internets – 11/15/08

Hello, fellow readers of the internets! If you haven’t perused it already, the 22nd Feminist SF Carnival is live at SpaceWesterns.com. It’s a three-parter this time around, with new content in the first part, highlighted previous carnival entries in the third part and a whole lot of links to articles here at Hathor in the […]

I Read the Internets – 10/18/08

Hello again, internets! Did you miss me? I know I keep on saying that I’m going to be more consistent with IRtI, but this time around you’ll have more than just me to provide you with fresh internets reading material. I’ll be bringing you some internets to read once a month, and some of the […]

City of Ember: Worth Watching

I saw City of Ember tonight and really enjoyed it. It’s not the most fantastic film I’ve seen recently, but it’s got a good, solid adventure story, some really engaging characters and gorgeous visual design. It also has a few excellent things I’m not used to seeing in sci-fantasy films generally, or in films targeted […]

Chuck Versus Professionalism

My latest favorite tv show is NBC’s sci-fi comedy Chuck, which delivers some of the things I love most in a show: an ensemble cast of quirky characters, wacky hijinks, pithy dialogue, and Adam Baldwin getting into fistfights. From a feminist perspective, the show gets points for interesting, well-developed female characters – but there are […]

WisCon: Why I Am Not Reading the Internets This Weekend!

Hello, internets!  I am at WisCon, the feminist sf convention.  I will be attempting (hopefully with success this year) to write up panel reports for all of the awesome programming I attend for the various blogs here at Hathor, and I’ll also be sitting on several panels myself.  Here’s a preview of what I’m planning […]

I Read the Internets – 5/02/08

I have a small but delightful selection of internets to share with you tonight, while they’re still nice and fresh! Firstly, carnival time! Wooo! Grace and Skye did a lovely alphabetically-organized Feminist SF Carnival over at Heroine Content, and skywardprodigal has a great big PoC in SF Carnival titled “What I Heard About You, And […]

I Read the Internets – 4/26/08

Hello internets! I have some reading for you! The awesome bloggers at Heroine Content are bringing back the much-missed Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans. Get your submissions in by April 28th! On the topic of carnivals, the Angry Black Woman has proposed a Carnival of Allies: Where self-identified allies write to other […]