Nim’s (almost awesome) Island

I just saw Nim’s Island tonight (I seem to be on a movies-aimed-at-children kick), and oh man, it was so close to truly awesome. The lead character, Nim, is fantastic. She’s daring and creative and very capable, but also very much a kid. When her father goes missing during a bad storm, she handily repairs […]

A Brief Review of The Spiderwick Chronicles

I saw The Spiderwick Chronicles this week, and I was really impressed. I haven’t read the source material and can’t say how the film stacks up against the books, but on its own  Spiderwick Chronicles has a great deal of awesome. First of all, it’s a fun fantasy story with coherent internal logic, sympathetic characters […]

What These People Need is a Honky… Taco

I live in the Southwestern US, and I have the requisite mild distaste for Taco Bell. There are lots of places around here that serve much better tacos, some of which even offer drive-through convenience. But though I am not a Taco Bell customer with any kind of regularity, I have for some time enjoyed […]

Kyle XY – More Awesome Than Not

I do this thing, when I find a show I like, where I obsessively watch all of the episodes I can get my hands on back-to-back. And while I’m doing that (and usually finishing up some rad knitting project – multitasking for the win!), I do this other thing where I keep a tally in […]

I Read the Internets – 12/8/07

I am the most neglectful reader evar, right? Or at least, the most neglectful sharer. I have actually been reading the internets all this time, and saving up the links for that wonderful day when I could sit down and share them all with you… But then Anna did a super-amazing job with her edition […]