Reaction: Supernatural (8×04)

Every season has its fillers, and with J2 having put in seven long years and have, y’know, lives outside of Supernatural (gasp), I’d say that they lightened load will become more obvious even outside the negotiated “give the boys a day off” episodes. Going into this one knowing it was what it was made it […]

Reaction: Fringe (5×04)

Damn, the Baldies are freaking creepy. I miss September. He was creepy also, but also sweet and almost innocent. I wonder if the Fringe writers will bring him back somehow. I can’t remember – is this season truncated to thirteen episodes only? I’ve said it before; I am going to miss this show. Re-encasing the […]

Reaction: Supernatural (8×03)

I didn’t really watch this one very carefully. I think the gist of it was: the writing staff of Supernatural run with Mayan mythology and don’t care how closely they get to it. 😉 Also, Sam wants to eat organic apples while Dean wants Sam to be his brother and to hunt monsters with him […]

Reaction: Fringe (5×03)

Fringe Friday is here! I don’t like thinking about how this is the last season. For Fox, though, I suppose five seasons is a long run. It’s just that it’s been pretty consistently good and it seems a damn shame it goes away while other shows keep on keeping on. Like, how is the original […]

Reaction: Supernatural (8×02)

Well, here I am again. I am going to see if things improve while not expecting the flame to be rekindled, but I cannot guarantee a full-season of reactions. I’m stubborn and I want to see this show through to the end. I simply don’t know if I can manage it. I actually enjoyed this […]

Reaction: Fringe (5×01, 5×02)

I never did re-watch last week’s episode. Let’s just sum up with: it really is the Year of the Time Jump. I don’t mind it quite so much with a show like Fringe, only because they pull timey-wimey, weird sciency stuff with some frequency and they, you know, introduced it last season. That said, while […]

Reaction: Supernatural (8×01)

Oh dear. I almost forgot about this show! (I did not forget about Fringe, but certain personal life upheavals and changes (not bad) have kind of sucked my brain out, so there’ll be a double post on Friday or Saturday … or Sunday for that one, as I need to re-watch.) Sadly the personal life […]