Reaction: Supernatural (7×23)

I meant to say this last week: what is up with Dean’s jacket? He already HAD a leather jacket, and one with character. It was worn and rugged and tough. Yeah, yeah, it was from the old days, before they retconned John completely into Bad Father so Bobby could be Good Father. Harumph. There was […]

Midweek Media: Kayak WTF

Brief transcript: The scene: a nice, large home. An older (white) man sits at a table, working on a laptop. A (white) woman approximately the same age as the man enters the room with mail in her hand. She pauses and says, “Honey, your eyes.” The shot changes so we can see that the man’s […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×22)

Had I been coherent enough to give an actual post on last week’s Fringe episode, I would have mentioned my suspicions about Jessica Holt. She was too calm and cool with the whole “gonna die” thing. I’m generally skeptical of TV people who can remain that calm. Perhaps it happens in real life, but I’d […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×22)

You know, I still hate the Leviathan plot. I still think they’re a tad over the top and silly, but I have to say that the guy playing Dick Roman has that slimeball charm thing down pat. He’s creepy, yet oddly fascinating to watch. Or is it just me? Poor Kevin Tran. Are we really […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×21)

I confess to having watched this one in kind of a haze. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to concentrate. This week has been a bear in that regard. Oh, look, it’s a matched set of the stereotypical overachiever Asian kids! Once I managed to stop rolling my eyes over that (oh, Supernatural, really? I give […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×21)

I had a lot to say about this episode of Fringe, and I might edit some of it in when my brain catches up with that moment. You know the one. The one that left me: OMGWHATNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!l!! Cortexiphan had better help regenerate her, is what I’m sayin’.

Reaction: Fringe (4×20)

I think I shall miss them, more than I imagined. Especially Alt!Astrid. I really enjoyed this episode of Fringe, and the way they bring back storylines and tie them together (somewhat – of course, given all the weird stuff that goes on, continuity is a giant victim). It’s difficult to keep straight, sometimes, given the […]