10 Things I Hate About Vala

The truth of the matter is, I don’t actually hate Vala. I wouldn’t say that I adore her, but I don’t think she’s evil and must be slain. She was certainly entertaining…at first. My problems with Vala stem more from a feasibility standpoint, though since she departed I have had time to think of all […]

You can leave your hat…and everything else on

I don’t purchase magazines like Cosmpolitan, Vogue and Vanity Fair. My younger sister used to when she was in high school and I thumbed through them on occasion. I found them to be quite unappealing, with little of actual value contained within the pages. 80% of them seemed to be ads with stick-thin women in […]

When Dove Cries

It’s not often that you see an advertisement for a beauty product line that dares you to defy the definition of conventional beauty. Companies like Loreal and Revlon are very happy to embrace such vapid campaign slogans as “Because you’re worth it!” or marketing techniques highlight the mystique of their stunning spokesmodels (Halle Berry). There’s […]

You Made Me Hate You (I Didn’t Want To Do It)

There are very few women on television that I actually enjoy watching, at least when I compare them to the sheer volume of the ones that make me cringe. So many female characters are a stereotype of some sort – Mary Sue, drippy/dippy lovelorn fool, sexpot, quirky girl, etc. Are women so incredibly tough to […]