Reaction: Fringe (4×15)

I knew it. Also, this song got stuck in my head at some point during this episode. Note: the artist attributed is not correct at all. I thought this was a decent episode. A weeee bit cheesy with the case being all about love, true love, and this is coming from a total Olivia/Peter shipper. […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×17)

Well, that was … Actually, there was a lot, lot, lot of decent stuff in this episode, leaving aside a return to the usual wholesale butchery of the unfortunate people demons possessed. They might not blink anymore when stabbing a person to death, but I still do. One point on this – what, Dean carries […]

Midweek Media, Of a Sort

This isn’t a complete breakdown of media images or messages, more of a collection of seriously ooky shit that companies and their advertising agencies think we should find soooooo compelling we have seemingly inexplicable urges to eat, purchase, patronize or otherwise give them our hard earned dollars. I might be tetchy from a headache that […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×16)

I confess to not having high hopes on this one, based on the only spoilers I had prior to watching – my cable company’s description of the episode, which was that Dean succumbed to some kind of ballerina curse. You can see why I wasn’t terribly excited for the return of Supernatural after its … […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×14)

Last Fringe before another hiatus. I’d gripe about hiatuses and their frequency and opine for television days of old, but I think you all already know how I feel on that subject. Hehe. I don’t really understand why Walter and then Lincoln are so nasty to Peter about apparently projecting his memories onto Olivia, like […]

Reaction: Fringe (4×13)

I have this routine on Saturday. Chores and errands first, then Fringe. Sometimes, chores get very sloppily done. 😉 Not much to say about the case of the week. To be honest, I lost the thread of it somewhere along the way to focus on the character bits. I adored the revelation and exploration of […]

Reaction: Supernatural (7×15)

Supernatural Friday. You ready, kids? Well, I wasn’t. At least not for the first scene. It’s been some time since we’ve seen the whole good-guys-torturing-the-bad-guys thing, and I think what made it worse for me was that they had the conversation with the poor guy the demon was in before the highly disturbing torture sequence. […]