Choose Your Spirit Guides

Thanks to Sunless Nick for this one! It took me ages¬†to think of three… and then it was just like ‘OMG! These are my women! You know what? Whenever the hero needs a ghostly spirit to encourage them on their way, it’s almost always a freaking man. So here’s this week’s challenge: Choose the women […]

Choose Your New World Scientists

OK, guys, Now we have the issue of food sorted, we need women who will document the history and culture of our New World. Who do you pick? My choices: 1. Dr. Temperence ‘Bones’ Brennan. Because that women can work out anything from a pile of, well, bones. She’ll cover the anthropological side of things. […]

Choose Your New World Frontierswoman

Alright, This week’s challenge: You’ve set sail (on a sailing ship or a spaceship, take your pick) to a Brave New World (which, oddly enough, always seems to resemble the US east cost or an amalgamation of Australia and New Zealand, ‘cos don’t y’all know they’re the same country) and you need (at least) three […]

Choose Your Three Business Partners

OK, So you have a fantastic business idea that’s totally going to rock the world as we know it, and you need three partners. Women who are intelligent, hard-working, know how to get the ball rolling. Who do you choose? My picks: 1. Corinna Chapman from Kerry Greenwood’s series. She already has her own business […]

Choose Your Night on the Town Gal Pals

OK, this week’s challenge: you’ve had a tough week/month/year. You want a night out on the town, going absolutely wild, possibly involving jail at some point. Which three fictional woman would you want to make it a night of unforgettable fun? My picks: Charlotte Beaumont from All Saints. Early-season Charlotte, that was (circa season 6) […]

Choose Your Mentors

Thanks to Sunless Nick for this one! OK, so this week’s theme is mentors. Which three women would you choose to mentor you, who would be happy in your success, even if you eclipse¬†them? My picks: Phryne Fisher. She wants to see women ahead, and I’m sure that’s even if they get ahead of herself. […]

Choose Your Dinner Party Companions

OK, so you’re throwing a small, intimate dinner party; half-a-dozen’s a good number, don’t you think? So pick five women you’d have as your dinner guests, weather it be based of wit, charm, style or the great stories they have to tell. My picks: 1 & 2. Lucky Santangelo and Venus Maria from Jackie Collins’s […]