Choose Your Investigate Team

You know what? I’m bloody sick of men getting all the credit for solving crimes. So my challenge to you: If there was a difficult crime that needed solving, who would you pick as your investigative team? The rules: They have to be employed in a professional capacity in some kind of investigative/crime-fighting position. I will […]

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Miss Fisher’s Murder Myseries, on Australia’s ABC, is the television adaptation of Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher series, with each episode covering one book. They’ve done a remarkably good job of adapating a 300+ page book into a one-hour episode without losing the heart of the story. At time of writing, there have been three episodes […]

Choose Three Women You’d Support

Thanks to Sunless Nick for this one! This is linked to the Choose Your Female Posse challenge; this time, choose three women you would support. These are women who have been the heart and soul of the group, often keeping it together emotionally/spiritually/financially (or any combination) and don’t get credit for it. These are women […]

Choose Your Defence Team

OK, so you’ve been accused to murder/extortion/embezllement. Except you, being the awesome Hathor subscriber that you are, didn’t do it. You’ve been framed or are the victim of inept police, take your pick. Who do you want on your defence team? The rules: At least one has to be a real (in the fictional sense) […]

Choose Your Specialty Lecturer

Hey, guys! Thanks for this week’s challenge to Sunless Nick. If you suggest something and I don’t credit you when it’s published, I apologise in advance; I either had already thought of it and had it scheduled for publication before it was mentioned, or simply forgot who gave me the idea by the time I […]

Choose Your Three Super-Sleuths

OK, this week’s challenge: choose three women who have a knack for solving mysteries. Since I’m planning a Choose Your Investagative Team challenge later, for this one, amaetur sleuths only, please. Not in their work ethic, of course – just in the fact they don’t get paid for it. These are women who do it […]

Choose Your Post-Apocalyptic Survivors

OK, so someone has dropped the ultimate nuclear weapon/imported killer aliens/unleashed a killer virus that makes everyone zombies. There are precious few of you left and you have to make your way to safety. Which three awesome women are in your group of survivors? My pick: Alice from the Resident Evil series. Especially since, with […]