Choose Your Four Quizmates

OK, so you’re going to a quiz night and you have to choose four women to form a kick-ass team to win with. This is a bit different from the past Choose Your Companions challenges, because you don’t have to particularly like these women. They can be absolutely loathesome – have Bellatrix LeStrange, if you […]

Choose Your Female Posse

We all know that all women are bitches who will screw each other over for their own gain – especially when men are involved. They steal each other’s boyfriends and husbands, undermine careers, sabotage weddings. Yeah, right. So this week’s challenge: choose three girlfriends, the kind you know will always have your back (rather than […]

Choose Your Three Thieving Companions

Don’t you hate it when you watch a heist movie, and it’s great… except there are no women? The Oceans series, Tower Heist, the original The Italian Job. What, are women incapable of playing with gadgets and stealing multimillions? Can I get a Hell, NO! Well, I’m sick of it, I tells ya!  So: Imagine […]

Choose Your Three Quest Companions

Hey reader! I’m trying to make this a weekly thing, so the more suggestions I get, the better (I currently have enough to last me two months). Just let me know in the comments if you think of a ‘Choose Your Companions’ idea. XXOO Gabs OK, so this time, it’s choose your three companions for […]

Honouring Australian Women

Just a quick post: in light of Australia Day, I got to thinking about awesome Australian women. I’m interested in an exchange of names of awesome Australian women over the years.  I’m history-oriented, so my immediate thoughts are towards those in the history books, but I’m interested in what everyone else thinks. Gabs Nancy Wake […]

Choose Your Three Deserted Island Companions

OK, We had a lot of fun with the choose-your-three-bodyguards post, so I propose a new one: Choose your three deserted island companions. You can choose them on the basis of their to a rat-like ability to escape anything short of a lead-lined bunker, their scavenger skills, their ability to keep you company, I don’t […]

Choose Your Three Bodyguards

A few years ago, there was a questionnaire circling about who would you chose as your bodyguard (including fictional). The three choices that kept coming back were Sarah Conner, Ellen Ripley and Vasquez. So I’m going to put a feminist twist on it: choose three women you would choose to fight side-by-side with. It can […]