Action Movies and Fashion Mags

There’s an anecdote which I like to tell because it amuses me as an illustration of the gender divide. I was at a BBQ a few years ago, and despite the fact we were all nineteen or twenty, we had managed to group into girls and guys, with me between the groups. I had gotten […]

Husbands and Wives

I’ve just watched season five of 24. At the beginning of the season, Michelle Dressler is killed by a car bomb, in which her husband Tony Almeida was severely injured in and lapses into a coma. He wakes up a few hours later and goes mental when he finds out Michelle is dead. From that […]

Grey’s Anatomy

I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy lately, and am just about to change channels on account that the shippers have grabbed this show by the teeth and are refusing to let go. I should note, that GA has some good characters, and one day I’ll get to detailing them. Yang is delightfully cynical, brutally honest. Bailey […]