Kerry Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman Series

I’ve written before about Kerry Greenwood’s seventeen novel Phryne Fisher series, about the titular 1920’s flapper detective who is as fantastically perfect as James Bond, with almost as many installments. She wrote another detective series set in present-day Melbourne (which isn’t actually very present-day, since Jeff Kennet is still Premier…), starring Corinna Chapman. I must […]

Kerry Greenwood’s Phryne Fisher Series

I was initially underwhelmed by Kerry Greenwood’s Cocaine Blues, the first in her seventeen novel series about 1920’s flapper detective Phryne Fisher. Phryne was gorgeous and witty, always saved the day and got the love interest (often more than one per book) while never looking unsightly, even with shredded clothing, knotted hair, etc. (If a […]

Winner and Losers… is a Loser

I was looking forward to new Australian comedy/drama Winners and Losers, which follows four best friends from an all-girls school who were losers in high schools and meet up again at their school reunion. It looked very female-centric, with the men being secondary a la McLeod’s Daughter’s and I rather like Virginia Gay. I was […]

True Grit

Hey guys! It’s Scarlett, reporting as usual.But I’ve made a choice to go by my first name, Gabriella, from now on. Both professionally as a writer and personally as a feminist it makes sense to own my name. My old comments will appear as Scarlett but it’s still me. And for those of you who […]


Burlesque is rather hit-and-miss in regards to decent women characters. Though to be fair, the ‘misses’ are largely to do with the cardboard-cutout characters and a storyline that was ripped of Coyote Ugly (which was hardly original itself). Basically, Ali (Christina Aguilera) comes from Small Town, Iowa, to Los Angeles. She wants to be a […]

Strictly Ballroom

A recent discussion about the fact it’s far more acceptable to have a much younger/better looking woman paired with a much older/unattractive man than the reverse had me racking my brains for an example of a better looking man being paired with a less attractive woman. I had to go back nearly twenty years, and […]

Kerry Greenwood – Cocaine Blues

For me, Kerry’s Greenwood’s novel Cocaine Blues was a case of ‘not bad, but had potential to be a lot better’. It follows Phryne Fisher, an upper-class 1920’s English woman with a brilliant detective’s mind. She goes to Melbourne at the request of a family friend who is concerned that his daughter’s husband is poisoning […]