Love Actually: Coda

Despite all the good parts, there was something else I noticed about this film. It’s all about romances, yet every one of the females (at least, in a romantic role) was almost stunningly attractive, with the possible exception of Emma Thompson (I think she’s good looking, but they intentionally made her look “dowdier” than she […]

Love Actually: Part 4

David and Natalie: Nice Guy Finishes First Besides the fact that Hugh Grant is hilarious, can we count all the good points about this romance? Handsome, powerful man falls in love with…slightly chubby but very pretty ordinary girl? Hooray! He even says that he doesn’t think she’s chubby (which she’s not…she’s hot). Handsome, powerful man […]

Love Actually: Part 3

Sarah and Karl: Doomed From the Start This is probably one of the saddest storylines in the movie. It’s interesting the way it plays out, because the focus is on Sarah, and her problematic crush on Karl. Karl hardly says anything, and is mainly there to be hot manly eye-candy…and oddly enough, he never makes […]

Love Actually: Part 2

Jamie and Aurelia: Love At First Sight? This one twangs my heartstrings…I love a good old fashioned romance. But let’s examine this a minute…these two meet and “fall in love” while never being able to understand a word the other is saying. Is this realistic? While I admit, she could probably get a good feel […]

Love Actually: Part 1

Okay, to focus on the characterization in this film… I really need to break the movie up, because there are several intertwining plotlines. For simplicity’s sake, I’m going to assume anyone reading this has seen the movie or is at least somewhat familiar with it (doing a plot recap would take way too much space). […]