Hobby Lobby Fallout: Now Religious Belief Trumps Child Welfare

Remember that Hobby Lobby ruling, and how one of the problems listed in the dissent was how widely its precedent could allow “sincere religious belief” to be deployed as an unwarranted shield? And remember how there was a widespread no, no it just affects this one case. (That one was already false long before this […]

Quick Example: The Value of Humanisation

So during the Q&A part of Orphan Black’s Comic-Con panel, a girl called Taylor stood up and demonstrated in epic fashion why it really matters whether characters of marginalised identities are represented and humanised: Both transcript and video (Taylor’s bit starts at about 1 minute 50). I was going to try and say something to […]

Orphan Black and Sisterhood

To reiterate the summary in my previous post: Orphan Black is the story of a group of women – all played by Tatiana Maslany in truly astonishing feat of acting – who discover they’re the subjects of an experiment in human cloning. It’s the story of their search for their origins, their developing relationships with […]

Orphan Black and the Female Body

[Full dislosure – this has been edited a little since I first posted it – partly to clean up some turns of phrase, and also to correct my omission of the dance party] I imagine most people reading will already know what Orphan Black is… The story of a group of women – all played […]

Salt: About that Hand-Wringing (SPOILER WARNING)

Jennifer Kesler has written already about the new Angelina Jolie film, Salt, and the fear expressed by the filmmakers that having a male love interest rescued by a female lead is too castrating to his character. She quotes: In the end, Salt’s husband, played by German actor August Diehl (‘Inglourious Basterds’), was made tough enough […]

Jessica Simpson Lives

Small note from SBG: Nick wrote this post ages ago, when the topic was all over the tabloids. Due to technical errors (read: my slow-on-the-uptakedness), I didn’t get this until late last week. It’s still topical and worth discussing! I’ve been reading posts on Jessica Simpson’s alleged entry into the company of fat people. In […]