Burger King Says Men are Adulterers?

Well sort of. The latest ad I’ve seen from the delightful studio of Burger King is for the so-called “polygameat” – a burger made up of more than one kind of meat – the ad can be seen here. In an ordinary village, a mob is hounding a man whom they accuse of committing “polygameat” […]

CSI Miami: Below and Beyond

A recent CSI Miami episode focussed on cyber-stalking. Briefly, a school swimming star (Candace Walker) is the subject of a website devoted to stalking and photographing her – consequently, she is being followed by dozens of amateur paparazzi – and at the beginning of the episode, her boyfriend is shot and killed with an arrow. […]

When is hot too hot?

One of my favourite TV historians is Bettany Hughes. But as a presenter, she gets hit from the opposite angle to actresses, being criticised for (what boils down to) looking too hot, and thus cheapening her subject in some way. ¬†On the other hand, Michael Wood, my other favourite TV historian, gets to be the […]

Teeth With a Makeover

A recent book I was reading re-introduced me to the folklore of vagina dentata, the notion that women once had – or Sinister Women have now – teeth in their vaginas. A common variant (found in Europe, Africa, and the Americas) being “witches” whose vaginal bite robbed men of their power and virility, and made […]

CSI: NY – Stella vs the Tropes

I’ve posted before about how the writers of CSI: New York have handled stories involving Stella. The most recent episode I’ve seen, “The Thing About Heroes,” is another example – it finishes a couple of running arcs through the season – and includes what I found an excellent exploration of a couple a common tropes […]

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

So I bought one of Dan Brown’s regular thrillers, figuring that he can pace a scene well, and that I might like one of his books better if it’s not peddling daft conspiracy theories. This one promised a lead, NSA cryptographer Susan Fletcher, fighting for her country, her life, and the life of the man […]

Body vs Property

There’s this essay – http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/david_cox/2007/09/feminisms_rape_fallacy.html – it starts off talking about trials, but quickly lapses into the frequently-made comparison to burglary, and exhortations to women to “think twice” about what they do. Predictable of course: almost any article on rape in a daily newspaper is like that (yet is somehow always treated as some Great […]