Return of the Juxtaposition: CSI Las Vegas vs New

Purtek’s essay – – made me think of two CSI episodes, one Las Vegas and one New York, featuring sexualised attacks respectively on Catherine and Stella. But while Purtek’s post highlights scenes that are completely unalike, this one is more the “couple of big differences” effect. The Similar: Both start off as unconscious, having […]


After the, er, thing I reviewed last time, I figured I’d go for something I love: Nevada. It’s a comic, by Steve Gerber, set Las Vegas, about a dancer called, as you may guess, Nevada. And Nevada rocks. While the whole series is about something happening *to* her – specifically a cosmic initiation called the […]

Chocolate Worship

There’s this advert for MagnumEquador Dark: A clearing in the jungle with dozens of women, together with a high priestess, conducting a ritual before an idol carved in the shape of a magnum; at the end, a (female) voice-over says “Magnum Equador Dark:  I’m a worshipper.” Yes, women worshipping chocolate is a big stereotype, […]

The Surrendered Wife

The Surrendered Wife, by Laura Doyle, has been out for a few years now, but has started making the blogs again recently – this isn’t a proper review, as I haven’t read it – but “know them by their works” as the proverb goes, and this book’s works are ugly. For example: this review praises […]

Scene That Could Have Been

I love watching deleted scenes, even for films I find disappointing. Apart from any other reason, at times, I come across a scene that would have improved the film dramatically had they been included: case in point, X-Men the Last Stand. One of the scenes was an alternate version of the scene where Rogue returns […]

Peripheral vs Central

A few days ago, I saw my very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy, from early in the second season. And I was struck by the difference between how I found Meredith Grey’s story, and the patient of the week’s. The patient is Bonnie and she’s in a train crash, in which she and another passenger […]

Why does this Matter?

Sooner or later, anyone who analyses pop culture gets asked why it matters – if we’re lucky – otherwise we just get *told* that it’s trivial, that it doesn’t matter. And we all come up with our own answers why it matters. Here’s mine. I think it matters exactly because of that sense of triviality. […]