Teeth With a Makeover

A recent book I was reading re-introduced me to the folklore of vagina dentata, the notion that women once had – or Sinister Women have now – teeth in their vaginas. A common variant (found in Europe, Africa, and the Americas) being “witches” whose vaginal bite robbed men of their power and virility, and made […]

CSI: NY – Stella vs the Tropes

I’ve posted before about how the writers of CSI: New York have handled stories involving Stella. The most recent episode I’ve seen, “The Thing About Heroes,” is another example – it finishes a couple of running arcs through the season – and includes what I found an excellent exploration of a couple a common tropes […]

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

So I bought one of Dan Brown’s regular thrillers, figuring that he can pace a scene well, and that I might like one of his books better if it’s not peddling daft conspiracy theories. This one promised a lead, NSA cryptographer Susan Fletcher, fighting for her country, her life, and the life of the man […]

Body vs Property

There’s this essay – http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/david_cox/2007/09/feminisms_rape_fallacy.html – it starts off talking about trials, but quickly lapses into the frequently-made comparison to burglary, and exhortations to women to “think twice” about what they do. Predictable of course: almost any article on rape in a daily newspaper is like that (yet is somehow always treated as some Great […]

Return of the Juxtaposition: CSI Las Vegas vs New

Purtek’s essay – http://thehathorlegacy.com/juxtapositions-in-scenes-of-sexual-violence/ – made me think of two CSI episodes, one Las Vegas and one New York, featuring sexualised attacks respectively on Catherine and Stella. But while Purtek’s post highlights scenes that are completely unalike, this one is more the “couple of big differences” effect. The Similar: Both start off as unconscious, having […]


After the, er, thing I reviewed last time, I figured I’d go for something I love: Nevada. It’s a comic, by Steve Gerber, set Las Vegas, about a dancer called, as you may guess, Nevada. And Nevada rocks. While the whole series is about something happening *to* her – specifically a cosmic initiation called the […]

Chocolate Worship

There’s this advert for MagnumEquador Dark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wh_9ZN7Dn4k. A clearing in the jungle with dozens of women, together with a high priestess, conducting a ritual before an idol carved in the shape of a magnum; at the end, a (female) voice-over says “Magnum Equador Dark:  I’m a worshipper.” Yes, women worshipping chocolate is a big stereotype, […]