The Surrendered Wife

The Surrendered Wife, by Laura Doyle, has been out for a few years now, but has started making the blogs again recently – this isn’t a proper review, as I haven’t read it – but “know them by their works” as the proverb goes, and this book’s works are ugly. For example: this review praises […]

Scene That Could Have Been

I love watching deleted scenes, even for films I find disappointing. Apart from any other reason, at times, I come across a scene that would have improved the film dramatically had they been included: case in point, X-Men the Last Stand. One of the scenes was an alternate version of the scene where Rogue returns […]

Peripheral vs Central

A few days ago, I saw my very first episode of Grey’s Anatomy, from early in the second season. And I was struck by the difference between how I found Meredith Grey’s story, and the patient of the week’s. The patient is Bonnie and she’s in a train crash, in which she and another passenger […]

Why does this Matter?

Sooner or later, anyone who analyses pop culture gets asked why it matters – if we’re lucky – otherwise we just get *told* that it’s trivial, that it doesn’t matter. And we all come up with our own answers why it matters. Here’s mine. I think it matters exactly because of that sense of triviality. […]

If Only, If Only

I don’t know if this is showing in America, but there’s this new advert for Rustlers. Briefly,a guy brings a date back to his flat, she asks for a coffee and sits down on the sofa – once in the kitchen, he presses some microwave-esque controls, and seconds later she’s stretched out in lingerie, looking […]

As sick as I’ve ever seen

Amid all the stealth-misogyny and meta-messages that exist in film and TV today, it can sometimes feel almost like a relief to encounter something completely blatant. Almost. Until the nausea sets in. A few weeks ago, I saw a film called Beserker, about reborn Vikings in the modern era. There were two brothers, one a […]